Latin house music release from Coxswain & Jane Fox, spanish duo based in Ibiza. Amazing latin house vibe along the song, very catchy vocal hook “corazon”, excellent performance by the latin diva Jane Fox. Great instrument selection and very fine production job from the seasoned hand of veteran producer Coxswain and featuring the unmistakable vocals of Jane Fox comes ‘Corazon’, a driving tribal house number that oozes Latin heat and funk, out now on international release via Senssual Ibiza. Perfectly timed for the opening of the White Isle’s season, ‘Corazon’ is the essence of fiery Spanish passion, at times stripped back and expectant, at others a full blown celebration of all things Latina. Dripping with brass instrumentals and rolling, rippling percussive elements, Coxswain expertly paints a sultry, undulating backdrop for Fox’s Spanish diva vocal to dance across, infusing the production with heat and emotion. Expect to hear this on dance floors across Ibiza and beyond over the coming months. Buy-link
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