¿What we offer for your event?

We offer you the security of giving your event a musical experience with the highest quality.

Our DJ for events will bring the music you select, but it will also be accompanied by Jane Fox, a versatile singer with an angelic voice.

Our performances will make your event something special, we offer the quality of giving your event the chosen ambient music with high quality notes from our DJ and Jane Fox as a great vocalist.

Depending on the profile of the event and the music we offer three versionable and customizable products.

Products adaptable to any event

DJ for corporate events

We adapt our DJ for events to any corporate event that is provided. This service is divided into several musical environments selected to suit the client.

Special Dinner Show with DJ

Ideal for reference restaurants in the big capitals. Deejay’s performance with ambient music with Jane Fox’s performances adapted to the local music line. Performances performed at Tatel Ibiza, STK, ect…

Club Show with selected DJs

Perfect for leading clubs in the big capitals. Performances already made in Pacha Ibiza, Space, ect … Selection of customizable performances by musical style and selected schedules.

DJ for events



More than 20 years of experience in the world of music and a curriculum at the height of the biggest, make the Coxswain & Jane Fox duo the ideal option to liven up your private event.

The versatility of the show and the ability to adapt to make the audience enjoy are our reason for being. Each performance includes the unmistakable Coxswain & Jane Fox quality seal.

Specialists as DJ for events of all kinds we have performed in some of the best corporate events held in Madrid, Ibiza, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Miami, Dubai and other major capitals of the world.

From our communication channels you can check any extra information you need, we adapt to the marketing applied to any event.






Especialists in events


Any event can become something unique when you bring live music. Coxswain & Jane Fox endow any event with the quality of a magical moment. Contact us to inform us about the type of event you want to perform and we take care of providing you with the best live music show.

We adapt our show to your event

 We adapt our musical show to your space. Do you need Deejay, Sound and Lighting equipment? It is not a problem. We take care of the technical part contributing to the space where the music, Sound and Lighting equipment event is organized, making the live music show a success.

We offer you multiple musical options to provide the event with the musical climate you require, we advise you so that the music accompanies and enriches the rest of its elements.

Why hire a DJ for events?

The answer is very simple, to celebrate any special moment, be it work or intimate, the music has a differentiating power, the musical styles chosen for each occasion will provide any event with a totally special climate.

The choice of a specialist will ensure the success of any event held.

In the surveys carried out among the finalist clients of satisfaction after celebrating their event, the three chosen parameters are always reflected as the chosen place, the catering in charge of the gastronomic part and drinks, and the music. Taking care of these elements in detail, any event will be a success.


Joey Chicago - Just for You (Original Mix)  - Midnight Riot Barney Osborn - Swing & Groove (Original Mix) - Groove Lounge Rec. Martín Y Corazón - Etta's Theme (Original Mix) - Hive Label 3kelves, Dan Be - I Really (Original Mix) - House Operations DJ Fudge - Lift...

DJ for events

DJ Coxswain and Jane Fox manage to contribute to your event the musical space suitable for it.

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